Early Intervention & Preschool Programs

Programs for Children 9 Months to 5 Years Old

We focus on developing your child’s:

  •   Social Relationships
  •   Emotional Awareness and Expression
  •   Language
  •   Communication
  •   Pretend and Interactive Play
  •   Family Relationships
  •   Pre-academic and academic skills
  •   Physical health and well being
  •   Independence

Our Philosophy

At the Institute for Child Development (ICD), we promote your child’s development by providing a warm, nurturing and supportive educational setting. We help your child discover the world through engagement in play, social and interactive activities that are individually tailored to your child’s learning and developmental needs.

We use evidence-based teaching strategies so that your child receives state of the art instruction by all staff at ICD. Our caring staff includes teachers, special educators, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, board certified behavior analysts, clinical and school psychologists, and paraprofessionals. The first few years of your child’s development are a critical time period, so we provide careful monitoring of your child’s progress and use a collaborative, team approach to help your child grow and succeed.

Family involvement and support are prioritized at ICD because we know that when a family is thriving so is the child. Family members are a valuable part of each child’s multidisciplinary educational team. We work with you and your family to improve your child’s growth and your family’s well-being.

Early Intervention Services

Early Intervention (EI) services at ICD are designed to best fit your child’s developmental needs in an enriched setting with a range of developmental professionals. Our focus is on strengthening your child’s development, growth and well being through a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach in age-appropriate activities and settings. Our team works closely with you to help your child make the most progress possible during this important time in their life. To meet the varying needs of each child, we offer a full-day program as well as part-time or hourly EI services at ICD.

Preschool Program

Our preschool program focuses on skill development, play, independence, and readiness for transition to kindergarten, including interaction with typically developing peers. Our multidisciplinary staff works closely with you to improve your child’s skills and developmental needs. Building your child’s social and communication skills will lead to improving their participation in play, group activities, learning from their environment, and independence. Our preschool program is a full day program, from 8:30 am to 2:30pm to allow ample opportunities for your child to interact with other children and adults in meaningful ways and in different social and learning settings, from the playground to the classroom.