The Institute for Child Development (ICD) was founded in 1974 by Dr. Raymond Romanczyk and is located on the Binghamton University campus in Binghamton, NY. The guiding philosophy of the Institute for Child Development is expressed in the implementation of our service programs and conveys both the depth and richness of our philosophy, vision, and commitment. Children who manifest developmental, learning, or emotional disorders impact not only upon themselves, but also their families and their communities, and this challenge must be met by a reciprocal intensity, quality, and precision of services.

We firmly believe that providing a caring, warm, supportive environment that respects the dignity of individuals and celebrates their unique qualities and potential is the minimum starting point for services. Thus, our philosophy has as a hallmark the utilization, on a continuing basis, of educational and clinical research and the explicit provision of procedures and opportunities for all program staff to acquire this information and to use it on a timely basis. Along with this we utilize a child centered staff model in our in-house service programs. Further, we utilize highly sophisticated assessment and evaluation technology to provide our staff with the powerful and complex tools so necessary to assist in and amplify their considerable skill and expertise.