Occupational Therapy

Institute for Child Development Occupation Therapy Services for Children up to 3 years old

We help children with a range of developmental delays and different developmental needs build aga-appropriate skills to enhance their success and enjoyment in a variety of settings and with their family and peers.

These commonly include:

  •   Developmental milestones
  •   Fine and gross motor skills
  •   Play skills
  •   Self-care skills
  •   Relationalship skills

Our goal for your child

Our goal for your child is to enhance skill development through fun, interacrtive, functinal and relevant activities at our therapy center.  Our occupational therapists provide evidence-based interventions tailored to your child's and familys values, culture, desires and needs.

Caregivers and families are an important part of therapy! Families and therapists work closely together to provide meaningful and motivating activities that will improve and enhance your child's development.  Your involvement in the therapy sessions allow you to learn how to use similar strageties at home in order to maximize your child's learning and success.